In The News: Student Success


NPR’s Sara Nolan compiles the top eight skills teachers think students need to learn in her article “How Technology Fuels Learning.”  Here was the list:

  1. How to read
  2. How to write
  3. How to communicate
  4. How to question
  5. How to be resourceful
  6. How to be accountable
  7. How to learn
  8. How to enjoy learning

These eight are things I take very seriously, as I implement each of these in my live classes along with “how to listen,” “how to laugh,” and “how to accept one another.”

Teaching many of these skills in an online forum, however, is unthinkable.
Online learning for kindergarten through 12th grade is increasing 30% annually.  27 states in America have full-time online schools.  Online schools project annual growth at 20% to 45%.  By the year 2019, reports expect half of all high school classes will be online.

Obviously, from studying Sir Ken Robinson and Dr. Tae, I believe education needs a complete overhaul.  Am I just being nostalgic in thinking the live classroom is better?

 From my experience as an online instructor, an online class specializing in reading, writing, and communicating is often more harmful than helpful for its students.  For someone who doesn’t have strong reading skills, reading directions is often a bigger chore than completing the assignment itself.  Online-based learning puts the burden of learning directly into the students’ hands, and this isn’t always a good thing.

What are your experiences teaching English Composition, Literature, or Public Speaking/Presentation courses online?

  • Statistics derived from iNACOL

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