In The News: TED Talk Tuesdays


I just picked my jaw off the floor… CNN has TED Talk Tuesdays!

Check out the most recent TED Talk Tuesday talk and article on social media creating memorials for future generations: Link

While the “Inspiration” section of my blog contains many of my favorite TED Talks, CNN devotes an entire weekday to the amazing public speaking and presentation website.  TED, the acronym for “Technology, Entertainment, and Design” is all about the exchange of ideas.  Since I discovered TED two years ago, I have been addicted.  When I have down time in the office or at home, I find myself gravitating to to check out the most recent talks.

I shared the website with my father, who is now hooked.

Divided into themes including, of course, technology, entertainment, and design, you can also find talks on science, business, art, culture, and global issues.  There is truly a TED Talk for every interest.

Thank you to CNN for sharing TED to a whole new audience with your TED Talk Tuesdays!  Brilliant idea.


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