Inspiration: Working It Out


Confession: I haven’t always taken the best care of my body.  After attending an absolutely eye-opening workshop by my co-worker and friend, Jaclyn, I’ve been eating much better and incorporating workouts into my life.  I feel GRRRRREAT!

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The inspiration of the day is Jaclyn Works It Out, a blog about leading a healthy lifestyle.  My favorite posts include “Nutrition Workshopping Success” (the workshop that changed my life for the healthy) and “Why You Can’t Go Grocery Shopping While Hungry” (because I TOTALLY FEEL HER ON THIS!).

From Jaclyn’s workshop and through keeping track of what I eat each day, I’ve come to realize that my diet is too high in sodium and too low in potassium.  For the other nutrients I need each day, such as vitamins, proteins, and carbs, I’ve been doing great just eating as I naturally would!  I was surprised to see that I earn mostly As for my diet, which is funny because I always figured I was on the path to diabetes.

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My husband and I run several times a week, but I need a little more practice before I do something drastic… like join an actual gym for the first time in my life.  My friends are all going to the YMCA, but I’m quite terrified of the gym.  And I’m certainly not afraid to admit it!  In middle school, we were all required to take a physical and to do a variety of sports-centered activities in order to pass P.E.  Well, being a tiny twig of a sixth grader with arms the size of noodles (thin spaghetti, not linguine), I definitely couldn’t serve the volleyball over the net from behind the line.  We were also required to do 25 push-ups for our physical.  I did one and popped my arm out of socket in front of all of my classmates.  Not only was it a humiliating experience, but I also earned the first B of my entire life in P.E.  Though I’m still scarred from those adolescent experiences, I feel that I’ll be able to soon work up to join the Y myself… as long as no one asks me to do push-ups.

Check out Jaclyn Works It Out to keep you motivated to eat right and stay in shape!


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