In The News… Visualizing Ingredients


In April Fulton’s “Seeing Baking Ingredients From A Swedish Angle,” it isn’t just the finished product that gets the beauty treatment… the ingredients themselves are part of photographer Carl Kleiner‘s focus.  The IKEA cookbook is called Homemade Is Best (Hembakat är Bäst), and its elegant, visual design was a hit with consumers, as the book completely sold out.

Following in the Presentation Zen style promoted by Garr Reynolds, cookbook designers say they were “inspired by high fashion and Japanese minimalism.”  Truly, I find that the stylized ingredients are, in many of the images, more beautiful than the recipe as a whole.  Here are two of my favorite examples:

Image Credit

Image Credit

To look at all of the recipe visualizations, click here.  IKEA better hurry with the follow-up version of the cookbook, as I’m ready to advance order my copy!

Visit photographer Carl Kleiner’s website here.


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