Advice: TED Commandments


TED has exploded into mainstream consciousness due to many factors (especially CNN’s TED Talk Tuesdays).  TED’s annual conference is now joined by TEDx, TEDWomen, and many other programs.  With such a widespread organization, the rules for presenters are important, and these guidelines come in the form of the ten TED Commandments.


When giving any presentation, you can apply the ten TED Commandments to ensure the success of said speech:

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My favorite TED commandments include number IV: Thou shalt tell a story (a philosophy preached by Nancy Duarte) as well as numbers VI, VIII, and IX (all of which relate to Garr Reynolds’ ideas on delivery as expressed in The Naked Presenter).  As much as possible, I incorporate these ten guidelines into my class lectures and presentations to ensure that my audience is as energized as possible.

What other rules or guidelines do you follow when presenting?

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