Currently Reading… The Naked Presenter


Garr Reynolds’ The Naked Presenter is a text I mention quite frequently on my blog because it changed my life.  If you want to know how to deliver a speech, The Naked Presenter is an absolute must-have, and I re-read it every single month.  I completely retooled my Delivery Workshop for the class I’m currently teaching based upon Reynolds’ brilliant book.  The students get it!  They aren’t bogged down by terminology and crazy suggestions; it’s simple, easy to understand and to apply, and effective.  I’ve seen drastic changes in students’ delivery after using the text as the basis for our workshop.  I’ve also seen drastic changes in my own delivery, which is important because students can learn more if I can teach them in a more effective fashion.

The best advice Reynolds gives in this text is to be natural.  The “naked presenter” method is all about being your natural, authentic self.  Many of us feel we have to put on a performance when speaking in front of a crowd, but the point of a speech is to be human to best connect with an audience and to best convey our message.

Mini-chapters written by Phil Waknell (another presentation genius), Christopher Craft, and Les Posen help add to the lessons Reynolds teaches.  The book and its ideas are memorable because of the repetition of the letter “p” in all important principles: preparation, punch, presence, projection, etc.

I highly recommend this text to all teachers and educators who present on a daily basis.  This text is also wonderful for anyone who wants to deliver a successful, powerful message in a way that is comfortable and memorable.


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