In The News: iPhone 4S Presentation


With today’s Apple launch of the iPhone 4S, many people are criticizing the design company.  Is it because of the lack of Steve Jobs for the presentation?  Is it because of the lack of meeting expectations with the product itself?  Did losing Jobs as the frontman for the product launch hurt the iPhone 4S before it even debuted?

CBS News believes the 4S launch was an enormous disappointment (Source).  Charles Cooper makes a terrific point in “Apple unveils iPhone 4S, but no “5” this time.”  Cooper says: “Apple’s newly-appointed chief executive Tim Cook talking for more than an hour and a half without dropping any bombshell announcements, the blogosphere impatiently waited for him to reach for the same playbook used by Steve Jobs on so many occasions and come up with “one more thing” before packing it in” (Source).

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Phil Waknell agrees.  I first learned of Phil Waknell in Garr Reynolds’ Naked Presenter text early this year.  Since then, I’ve been a huge fan of Waknell’s on Twitter, as he posts presentation-centered messages that have really been resonating with me.  Waknell Tweets of the iPhone 4S launch, “Today, Apple proved that presentation success is about (a) managing expectations and (b) meeting or exceeding them” (Source).

What did you think about the new iPhone launch?


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