Duarte’s Audience Needs Map


In order to create an effective presentation, it’s important to focus on many things during the research and development phase.  One of those key focus areas is your audience.

In her amazing visual presentation book slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, Nancy Duarte provides an asset known as the Audience Needs Map.  This is an extremely effective tool for analyzing the people to whom you will be presenting, and by taking the time to concentrate on your audience, your presentation will be stronger as a whole.  Duarte says, “The audience didn’t come to see you, they came to see what you can do for them. If you fill out this audience persona slide, it will give you insights into how to present in a way that will resonate with your audience” (Source).  Check out Duarte’s Audience Needs Map below.


For each of my course lectures, I answer these seven questions to best teach my students every single day.  Knowing what my audience wants and needs from me as a lecturer pushes me to be a better teacher.  Try developing your course material with Duarte’s Audience Needs Map as your base and see the difference it makes in student retention.  Click here for more strategies on developing student-centered lecture material.

Of course, this map applies not only to teachers in the classroom but for anyone who wants to develop a presentation that connects.  What questions do you have about this tool?


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