Cooking and Re-imagining Food


IKEA published an exquisite cookbook (already sold out, of couse) showing the visual beauty of ingredients in a recipe.  Arranging the ingredients in a stunning fashion, the components of the food itself is as gorgeous as the finished product.  Check out my blog post here.  You can see the cookbook in its entirety here.

Nathan Myhrvold does something equally interesting in his new cookbook, Modernist Cuisine.  He claims to “reimagine food,” and his TED Talk explains what he means:

Direct URL

Myhrvold’s experiment is gorgeous, interesting, and explores the science behind cooking.

If you loved the IKEA Cookbook and Myhrvold’s TED Talk, check out Chiara Ojeda’s Tweak Your Slides most recent blog post here.  Ojeda examines a website called They Draw and Cook about illustrated recipes.


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