Interior Design: Living Room


My obsession with design definitely manifests itself in our new home.  My husband and I purchased our very first house near downtown Orlando this summer, so the design ideas I’ve been eyeing for years are finally being actualized.

The idea board below depicts what I am trying to do with our living room.  The room is nearly finished, and I will post pictures when we have it perfectly styled.

Links: Paint color; TV stand; mirror; couch; birdcage; white peonies; coffee table decor; entryway; rug; storage baskets

When I saw the Sex and the City movie three years ago, I fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw’s updated apartment wall color, so this was the biggest inspiration behind our living room.  The color is Benjamin Moore’s Electric Blue, and it is absolutely gorgeous with white trim, white curtains, and white furniture around the room.  The focal point is an enormous former picture frame that Mitchell and I painted white and transformed into a mirror.

The room has two sets of windows, so it feels really open, bright, and welcoming.  After painting the room blue, we decided to keep with a cottage-y feel.  We utilized a lot of vintage pieces as well as natural colors and textures.  Raised by a shabby chic mother, I can’t help but feel her style rub off a little bit.  There are also touches of our childhood home.  Mitchell and I are from the same country bumpkin hometown, so we included two gorgeous black-and-white pictures on the wall of scenes from Jackson County: an antebellum home with mossy oak trees and a sleepy street view of historic downtown.

While I don’t pretend to know a lot about home design, I do know what I love.  Three of my favorite home design blogs are Decor8BlogHouse of Turquoise, and YoungHouseLove.  I also frequent Pintrest.  Find me here and check out my idea boards and favorite things.


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