Work Samples: Delivery Workshop


This week, my colleague Chiara Ojeda asked me to step in and teach part of her course in her absence.  She teaches Professional Communication and Presentation, and since I’ve been teaching Public Speaking for the past two years, the transition is natural.  I will be leading her amazing group of students (I know because I’ve spent this entire week with them) in their Delivery Workshop.

Because I am leading a new course, I completely retooled and redesigned my slides for the Delivery Workshop, and I cannot wait to share them with you!  Here is a sneak peak of three of my Garr Reynolds Naked Presenter-inspired Delivery Workshop slides:

I love Garr Reynolds, and The Naked Presenter absolutely changed my life.  For more information on the text, click here.

We do tongue twisters during my Delivery Workshop to warm up and to enhance our vocal delivery.  This is our “B” tongue twister which works many of the articulators.

Check back tomorrow for the latest addition to my work samples: my Delivery Workshop!


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