Resume: Professional Communication and Presentation


I’ve been shadowing Chiara Ojeda‘s Professional Communication and Presentation class as well as occasionally teaching.  Every day I am in the classroom with Chiara, I feel so much joy and passion for my work.  Chiara is an incredible teacher, and she inspires me to read, to learn, and to grow as an instructor and, most importantly, as a presenter.

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The Professional Communication and Presentation Course exposes students to various forms of written and oral communication through technical, electronic, and creative-writing activities. In addition, students develop competency in visual presentation design. Through practice and development of written and oral skills, students sharpen their abilities to craft effective documents and presentations, while gaining confidence in both the content of their message and their ability to clearly convey it (Course Description).  Our textbook is slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations.


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