Inspiration: Hans Rosling


While attending a workshop on Visual Presentation today, I was reintroduced to Hans Rosling’s TED Talk: “Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen.”  This Talk has long been on my to-watch list, so I settled in this evening to finally view it.


Though I’m probably going at this backward, I started with David McCandless and worked my way back to McCandless’s “master,” Hans Rosling.  Even though I’m discovering him a little late, Rosling can teach us so much about data, presentation, and delivery.  Rosling is obviously so passionate about data that his audience laughs with delight (see 4:00).  His clear obsession with his topic makes us lean forward because we want to know more.  What a perfect example of inspiring an audience!

What TED Talks have you been watching lately?


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