Visual Design: Favorite Fonts


Fonts are such treats!  I love the browsing fonts and even seeing the different characteristics of each font: weight, slope, width, Serif or Sans Serif… Ahhh.  I adore fonts.

My laptop’s font book has over 600 fonts in it, and I find myself visiting my favorite font website just to see what’s new… Of course, I’ll end up downloading an awesome font, not using it immediately, forgetting I have it, and stumbling upon it months down the road.

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This is my most often visited font website:  Da Font is amazing!  Luckily for those of us who live and breathe fonts, all fonts on are free as long as you cite the author.

Here are my (current) Top 5 Favorite Fonts:

Komika Axis is an amazing font developed by Vigilante Typeface Corporation.  I use Komika Axis in my Delivery Workshop because it puts the focus on the image and the message I’m trying to convey as opposed to a frilly font.  Since the font is all-caps and bold by nature, the word or phrase I put on my slides is easy to read.  I love the strength, power, and directness of this font.  A student last week stopped class to ask, “What font is that, Mrs. Rister?”  Precious.  This same student claimed today that he wasn’t a visual learner, but clearly, his attention to font proves that he is.  We all are!

Beautiful, elegant Helvetica Neue Ultra Light… It’s so simple and timeless that the font really speaks for itself.  It’s like a strand of pearls or a little black dress; it will never go out of style.  A few months ago, I watched a movie on Netflix simply because the opening credits were done in Helvetica Neue.  What was the movie?  Click here to find out.  The closing credits are similarly gorgeous.


KG Like a Skyscraper makes me smile.  It looks handwritten, and I like the combination of the uppercase “R” letter even when I want “r.”  I think it’s a little messy (proven by the “a,” for example), but it reminds me of the imperfections of text written by hand.  It makes me a little nostalgic for my childhood and for days when everything was handwritten.


This font is charming.  Again, I like the hand-drawn look of Second Breakfast, but I also like that it’s whimsical and home-y.  This reminds me of the perfect lettering my teachers would always write in on the board that I’d try my best to emulate on the paper on my desk.  I also love that the font is a little thicker… like a marker on a white board.  It’s a little more mature than KG.

This is my favorite fancy font: Scriptina.  Created by Apostrophic Labs, this font just exudes “wedding” or “cocktail party.”  Occasionally, I have to be careful and add extra spacing between letters when using Scriptina, as it does have a tendency to blend together in an unreadable fashion.  I would use this font very sparingly in a presentation, but it would be stunning on an invitation.

My Top 5 Favorite Fonts will change and likely by the end of the month.  I’ll keep you posted.  What are your favorite fonts?


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