The Pitch Revolution


For their final speech, my students pitch.  They can pitch a product/service, event, story, or business idea.  The pitch is 1 to 2 minutes with a focus on passionate delivery as well as clear, cohesive, dynamic content.  No slideshow or visual aid is allowed for the pitch, as I want my students to be able to communicate their idea, if necessary, at a moment’s notice anywhere they happen to be.

Phil Waknell has three great ideas for The Pitch 2.0.  He says we need magic, vision, and passion in our pitches.  Watch:


Soon, I will post my Pitch Lecture so that you can see the qualities I think are necessary in a successful pitch.

If you have an amazing pitch idea, why not pitch it to Phil Waknell himself?  Ideas on Stage is a Paris, France-based company specializing in presentation, and they host the Ideas on Stage Pitch Competition as a part of their annual conference.  Click here to find out more information.


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