Currently Reading… 21 Laws of Leadership


Last year, I attended Christin Upshaw‘s Leadership and Organizational Behavior class, and I was so impressed with their textbook that I recently checked it out at the library.  It arrived late last week.

It’s called The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, and I received the revised and updated 10th Anniversary Edition by John C. Maxwell.  The book’s front cover reveals that if you follow the 21 laws, people will follow you (Source).

This weekend, I attended a leadership conference here in Orlando hosted by the Association of Junior Leagues International.  The text not only ties into public speaking and presentation, but also into the volunteerism and leadership I do in my personal life.  So far, I’m on Chapter 5 and have learned about the Law of the Lid (personal effectiveness), the Law of Influence, the Law of Process (leadership as a developing process), and the Law of Navigation.  It seems that lately, the nonfiction books I’ve been reading are timed perfectly so that they come into my life when I need their lessons most.  My book review will come shortly.

What nonfiction books have you been reading?


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