Design: The Hyundai Sonata


Today, my husband and I test drove my top new car picks, and I fell in love with the new Hyundai Sonata.  The outside is gorgeous, the inside is jam-packed with extras that come standard to even the base model, and the safety features, exceptional warranty, and fuel economy are all top-notch.

As I was test driving (admittedly, probably not the best time to daydream about ideas for my blog), I got to thinking about how the design of a car changes over time.  When my mother suggested I test drive a Hyundai Sonata, I was offended!  When I thought “Hyundai,” I thought of a hideous, old school, shapeless little boxcar.  However, when the design was updated in 2011, my attitude changed because all of the new models are gorgeous!

Image Credit

Why change the design of a car?  It boils down to planned obsolescence.  But truly, a car is a piece of drivable art.  Most people who design cars have a background in art and design, and when you think about the varying design elements of a car, you must consider the exterior design, interior design, and the color/trim design.  All of these designs, even though they are “art” at the time of their release, will eventually go from “masterpiece” to “clunker.”  So how do you decide on the car that is “right” for you?  Is there ever, really, a perfect car?


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