In The News… Links of the Week


Twitter provides me with a wealth of information on a daily basis, so I thought I’d start bookmarking each week’s most incredible news and articles.  This particular collection of good reads includes presentation design advice, a gorgeous infographic, examples of minimalist print ads, and a digital design award competition for students.

“The Difference between a Selfish and Selfless Graphic Designer – Who Are You?” offers graphic designers tips on keeping the clients’ best interests in mind as opposed to your own.  Traits of a selfish designer are compared with traits of a selfless designer to contrast ways of thinking and subsequently working.  Read the article here.

My favorite infographic this week comes from my loves at Daily Infographic: DIY Filmmaker’s Toolkit.  I’ve been teaching film students for nearly two years now, and I love learning more about my students’ craft.  This infographic is gorgeous but also extremely interesting and helpful for budding filmmakers.

Looking at examples of advertisements that work help me craft my own visual presentations.  Though I already blogged about this link earlier in the week, I couldn’t help but add 26 Brilliant Minimalist Print Ads to my Links of the Week.  These ads follow the Presentation Zen method and are simple and refined.  I just adore the SanDisk examples and the Coca-Cola Lemon Peel ad, but they’re all magical.

A friend and fellow Chi Omega posted the 352 Digital Design Awards.  This web development and digital marketing company is awarding prizes for students in the areas of web design, digital campaigns, software interfaces, and multimedia.  Email your work to by December 16th.

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