Robot Art: Design By Machines


Over dinner last night, a friend and I were talking about robot art.  She mentioned that a former student of hers delivered a presentation arguing that art created by robots was still art – just as long as the creation of and the manipulation of the robots remained in the hands of a human.


In the above case, Alexander McQueen carefully pinpoints the robots’ movements in order to create the black and yellow design on the white dress.  The end result is a design created and manipulated by a human but performed by robots.  Read more about  Dress, No. 13, spring/summer 1999 here.  McQueen admits, “It was really carefully choreographed. It took a week to program the robots” (Source).

Robot art is such an interesting concept because of many antiquated definitions of creativity and design, and I love when people constantly push that boundary and get people asking themselves and others, “Is this art?”  When do you think art by robot stops being “art?”


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