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Twitter provides me with a wealth of information on a daily basis, so I thought I’d start bookmarking each week’s most incredible news and articles.  Check out last week’s Links of the Week here.  This particular collection of good reads includes beautiful fonts for the minimalist designer, four retro social media posters, interesting company logos, and visual resume samples.

Today, SlideShare Tweeted the link for “30 Sleek Fonts for Your Minimalist Designs.”  Each font was shown (along with weights… if applicable) along with a sample slide utilizing said fonts.  My favorite was Quicksand developed by Andrew Paglinawan and presented so beautifully in white on a light blue background.  Others to check out include Tall Films, Diavlo, and Edition.  Which of these sleek fonts is your favorite?

I found these funny (and completely free!!) social media posters depicting Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Skype.  Click here to see and download them for your own personal use.  Thank you Pintrest!  Because of your awesomeness, this link fell into my lap.  I am including the Twitter poster below for your enjoyment.  Don’t you love all four?

Image Credit

Since I discovered the arrow in FedEx, I’ve been obsessed with studying famous logos.  Nikki Smith-Morgan from Public Words Tweeted “25 Famous Logos With Hidden Images,” and I spent an hour pouring over the flawless designs of companies such as Northwest Airlines, the London Orchestra, and – my personal favorite – The Pittsburgh Zoo.  Who knew so many logos incorporated optical illusions into their company name?

I teach Professional Communication and Presentation, and the course concludes with a visual resume project.  Once again, those awesome folks at Public Words linked me to “20 Creative Resume Designs That Will Amaze Any Potential Employer.”  Check the site out here.  All of these are incredibly creative, but I loved #5 by Chuckdlay the most.  Can you believe these visual resumes?!  I need to step it up around here.

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