Alignment and Grids: Delivery Workshop


This morning, Chiara Ojeda of Tweak Your Slides discussed alignment and using grids to make your slides more structured, clear, and beautiful.  Since Chiara referenced my Delivery Workshop, I thought I’d share three slides that display the principles she refers to.

First, I use Keynote’s “shapes” tool to lay out the exact placement of the images.  Next, I add text.  I play around with font size and weight in order to perfectly fit all that I need on the slide.  This particular font is called Komika Axis.  Last, I drag and drop the image (typically saved onto my desktop) right over the “shape” I made (in this case, a rectangle).  Keynote’s “mask” or “masking” feature allows me to change the size of the image to fit into that shape.

An extra feature I added for these particular slides was the opacity feature in Keynote.  Since these slides are the “Connect” portion of my Delivery Workshop, and since “Connect” is comprised of three separate sections – “P.U.N.C.H.,” “Presence,” and “Projection,” I used the same slide three times.  I used opacity to “fade” two of the three images.  This allowed the image I am presently covering to be brighter.

Image Credit for P.U.N.C.H.; Presence; and Projection

Click here to read Chiara’s original post: Tweak Your Alignment: Governing With Grids.

How do you use alignment and grids in your own slideshows?  What tips do you have on alignment?


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