Design: Charles S. Anderson


This month, I’ve been teaching in a classroom specifically for Digital Art and Design students.  On the classroom walls, tons of art projects are hung.  Outside the classroom in the hallways of my building, larger art projects are displayed as well as projected on the walls and on computer screens.  I’m surrounded by beautiful design!  It is inspirational.

To my surprise and excitement, Chiara Ojeda noticed that a special visitor will come to campus to lecture: Charles Spencer Anderson of CSA Designs!  “Established in 1989, Charles S. Anderson Design specializes in identity development, packaging, and product design, and is among the world’s most influential design firms. Unlike other design firms, however, in addition to their highly-recognized client work, CSA Design is unique in creating what has become one of the most extensive and well-respected archives of licensable artwork in existence. Painstakingly created over many decades, the CSA Images collection is a digital museum of art for commerce…a vast and ever-expanding resource of illustration inspired by the entire visual history of art, design, and typography” (Source).

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Read more about CSA Images here.  CSA Design is an incredibly prestigious, award-winning company displayed in museums all over the world, and I cannot wait to learn more to bring back to my own classroom!

CSA Design’s website reads: “Design is a brand’s signature and its story. We like to think of it as art for commerce, the culmination of research, relationships, strategic thinking, experience, intuition, and aesthetics. We believe that truly great design is about making something that adds richness to people’s lives; something inspiring, memorable, funny, abrasive, ironic, elegant, ugly, human – anything but uninteresting” (Source).

I’ll write about the event next week!


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