My Thoughts on Clip Art


Today, unfortunately, someone found my blog by searching “public speaking clip art.”

Image Credit

My thoughts on clip art are very similar to my thoughts on using the “flames” transition in Keynote.  When I see clip art, my mind starts screaming, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Externally, of course, I’m respectful, and I’ll still continue nodding at the presenter.  However, please make no mistake: I’ve definitely stopped paying attention to your presentation.  I am, at that very moment, thinking of ways to phrase the email I plan to send you, you Clip Art-using speaker you, at the end of your presentation.  The email would go a little something like this: “Did you seriously just use a clip art image of two hands shaking in front of a globe?  You should never deliver a presentation again.  Ever.”

Nancy Duarte is a little more delicate.  Read her blog post about clip art here.  It’s appropriately titled “Cliche of the Week: Clip Art.”

“Remember how stores used to sell CDs full of ‘15,000 pieces of clip art’? Well, there was a reason it only cost you twenty bucks” ~ Duarte (Source).

“Clip art achieved cliché status during the Clinton Administration. And most of your colleagues gave it up years ago” ~ Duarte (Source).


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