Beautiful Design: Smitten Kitchen


Modern cookbooks and television shows on The Food Network have known for years what most presentations still do not realize: beautiful design matters.  Think about how food is presented using the print or telecommunication mediums.  Even though detailed information is essential in order to make the recipe itself, visual presentation is never sacrificed.  A large image typically accompanies each recipe, and the large, high-quality image is what convinces us to recreate the recipe in our own home.

Smitten Kitchen is a beautiful recipe blog by Deb Perelman.  She is both photographer and cook, so her website combines visual presentation and food.  For example, the first entry at the top of Smitten Kitchen is a nutmeg maple butter cookie recipe.  Deb posts one image of the finished product cooling on a cookie sheet and three images of the recipe being created.

Image Credit

Sadly, this image is not from Smitten Kitchen… You’ll have to go to Deb’s blog itself to see her gorgeous recipes come to life through her equally exquisite photography.  In fact, her images are so beautiful that Chiara Ojeda and I both found her zucchini fritter recipe earlier this week, and we both (separately and without consulting one another) made Smitten Kitchen Zucchini Fritters.  What are the odds?

What is the most beautifully designed cookbook or recipe blog you’ve seen?  Please share!


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