Currently Listening To: Pickwick


2011 is coming to a close, so news outlets are releasing their “Best Of 2011” lists.  NPR recently wrote an article called “5 Artists You Should Know in 2011,” and I immediately fell in love with Seattle’s Pickwick.  Check out “The Round” from Myths:


Myths is a concept record, and Pickwick explains that “the lyrics of each song connect to conspiracies, tragedies or myths surrounding the personal lives of various performers” (Source).  “The Round” is one of two songs on Myths, Vol. 2, and you can purchase the album here.  Check out Myths, Vol. 1 and Myths, Vol. 3 here.  NPR says, “Pickwick creates joyous, exuberant, blue-eyed folk-soul. Its insidious, slinky jams worm their way into your brain and plant their unshakeable melodies and grooves” (Source).  I also highly recommend listening to “Hacienda Motel” and “Up All Night” on the same KEXP YouTube channel as the video above.

What are your must-listen artists for 2011?


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