Delivery: Inspired By Performers


In The Naked Presenter, Garr Reynolds explains that 99% of us aren’t performers.  We aren’t actors or actresses.  However, we do all possess the ability to have a conversation with a friend or a group of friends.  Delivery, then, should be modeled after that calm, natural, conversational style we all possess.  This technique makes delivery more accessible because it then becomes something we all have the power to do well.

Earlier today, I posted about my love for the Seattle band Pickwick.  Occasionally, people are confused that I talk about my favorite actors/actresses and musical artists on a blog dedicated to public speaking and presentation.  However, incorporating what we learn from our favorite performers into our delivery is absolutely essential!

Garr Reynolds explains that even though we should never try to be someone we’re not or to put on an act when delivering a speech, we can definitely take cues from our favorite performers.  What is it about Pickwick’s live performance that makes me passionate about listening to and watching them?  How can watching Walt and Jesse on Breaking Bad  make me a stronger public speaker?  Analyzing why we gravitate toward certain performers is important.  We can pick apart those nonverbal communication clues that signal passion, dynamism, and energy and use similar techniques in our own speeches.  The more passion we can convey to our audiences, the more likely we are to persuade and the more likely our message is to resonate.

Who are your favorite performers, and how can you take their inspiration into consideration when delivering your next presentation?


One thought on “Delivery: Inspired By Performers

  1. Some of my favorite performers are Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. When the “Smooth Criminal” music video plays, my jaw drops to the floor every single time, and I watch in stunned silence at MJ’s magic. Seeing Lady Gaga’s passionate live performances always give me that similar feeling of awe (one incredibly moving example: I just love pop music!

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