Inspiration: John Bohannon’s Dance vs PowerPoint



In this fascinating TEDxBrussels Talk, science writer John Bohannon and the Black Label Movement argue through perfect choreography that dance is better than PowerPoint.


Image of the Day: jurvetson


The thing I love the most about the holiday season is eating delicious, homemade Southern food when I travel to visit my family.  December’s Image of the Day theme will depict my 3 other favorite holiday things.  Last week, we looked at my favorite holiday decoration: white lights.  Today is all about the Christmas tree.

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Growing up, our tree was never color-coordinated or match-y like the ones you usually see in magazines.  Our tree was all about the hodgepodge of ornaments that tell a story about a time and a place in our lives.  The tree was always a hot mess, but it was so special to all of us because of the memories associated with each ornament.