Review: Win by Frank Luntz


Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary is a book I’ve been dying to read since I heard this interview with Frank Luntz on NPR.  Luntz offered some amazing advice on “words that work:” words and phrases that resonate with people.

Win is a great book.  In the vein of Made to Stick by the Heath brothers (read my review here), Win focuses on the 9 Ps of winning.  It also has two chapters that touch on presentation: Passion and Persuasion.

I loved Luntz’s “Words to Use” sections that appear at the end of each chapter.  He gives specific words and phrases that contribute to winning.  I loved his stories and specific examples of companies and people.  While I typically skip over examples because I find them so incredibly boring, Luntz’s anecdotes were refreshing, short, and meaningful.  I also loved that the book was so interactive.  Luntz asked you questions; he asked you to participate.  Because of this, Win is engaging because it asks its audience to connect.

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I have one criticism of Win.  Whoever edited this book needs to be fired immediately.  I found tons of grammatical and spelling errors that made it difficult for me to take Win seriously.  Luntz definitely lost some of his credibility, and his ethos took a big hit.  One criticism I found on Amazon’s review section was that Luntz was politically biased.  This was something I feared after listening to the NPR interview.  Even though Luntz works for the Republican machine as a political strategist, this book was not biased.  One example includes his criticism of Republican presidents and praise of Democratic presidents.  The second example is Luntz’s advice that even though he is a frequent contributor on FOX News, he believes people should get their news from multiple outlets to make wiser decisions.

Win even touched on public speaking and presentation… and it included some key lessons from Duarte and Reynolds!  Check out Chapter 8 “Passion” under the heading “Visual Passion.”  You’ll also want to review Luntz Lessons: The Perfect Passionate Visual.  Lastly, Chapter 9 “Persuasion” contains Steve Wynn’s three rules of verbal and visual persuasion, and these are awesome.  Bravo, Dr. Luntz!

The positives of Win far outweighed the negatives.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who strives for continuous self-improvement as a leader and for anyone who plans to lead a group to success.

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