Are You a Left-Sider?


A few weeks ago, I wrote about a fantastic Simon Sinek article about left-siders.  “The Left-Siders” is written for the creative, forward-thinking folks to the left of/ahead of the bell curve.  Sinek calls these people “misfits” yet “visionary” because they “seem to live on another planet. They also see things most others can’t” (Source). Sinek gives tremendous advice to the left-siders: don’t stop creating!  He says we must support the left-siders in our lives because they are the ones who will change the world (Source).  If you’re a left-sider who is experiencing creative difficulties, reading Sinek’s article will definitely empower you to push through that “writer’s block” (with, of course, whatever medium you work best with).










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Are you a left-sider?

If so, join Simon Sinek for a left-siders conference call on Friday, January 6, 2012 at 4:00 PM EST.  David Mead explains, “On the call, there is no fee, there is no agenda, they are usually about an hour long and the topics vary, but they always center around being a left sider and functioning in the world as such. As usual, Simon talks about very inspirational things and it’s always a great call.”  To join in, call 507-726-3128.  The pin is 100241#


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