How To Be a Charismatic Presenter: Part One


In our Delivery Workshop last week, my students and I examined charisma.  This difficult-to-define term isn’t some magical power or ability only bestowed on special people.  It’s most certainly not something we’re born with and effortlessly use without a second thought.  Charisma is something we develop through training, study, public speaking practice, and awareness.

Dr. Nick Morgan of Public Words gives four tips for being a charismatic speaker:


Dr. Mogan’s rules are to #1 be open, #2 be connected, #3 be passionate, and #4 be a good listener (Source).  These four rules are a great place to start on your quest to be a charismatic speaker.

Charisma is based in confidence.  In “Presentation Tips: Confidence versus Charisma,” Ethos3 writes, “Once you’ve established a base of confidence, you can move on to your advanced studies in charisma. If confidence is a lightsaber, then charisma is the Jedi Fighting System. Charisma is what you do with it once you’ve got it” (Source).

Let’s use what we’ve learned from Dr. Nick Morgan and Ethos3 and combine that knowledge with Garr Reynolds’ The Naked Presenter delivery method.  To learn more, please join me for How To Be a Charismatic Presenter: Part Two.


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