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The next library installment arrived on my doorstep this morning: Switch by Chip and Dan Heath; Words That Work by Frank Luntz; and The 5 Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell.

I’m 100 pages into Switch, and it’s all about changing via persuasion: persuading yourself and persuading others to change.  The Heath brothers break change down into the rational mind and the emotional mind; both must be persuaded.  I’ve only read through Chapter One of Words That Work, but this text is shaping up to be a study of how the English language persuades others.  Luntz’s subtitle sums up the power of words: It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.  Lastly, Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership will prove to be an exploration into leadership.  Persuading others is essential for leadership, and I plan to read this text last so that I can apply what I learned in Switch and WTW.

In these books, I found the obvious common theme: persuasion.  Next week’s class is all about persuasion, so I am excited to share what I’ve learned.

*I know, I know.  The camera on my phone is terrible, and I should be taking beautiful, high-quality pictures of these books every week.  Alas, I don’t want to upgrade my phone just for a camera, so please pretend these “Currently Reading…” images are hazy on purpose for dramatic effect.

What great things are you reading this weekend?


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