Review of Switch: Why Is Change So Hard?



I just read Switch, and I love the Heath brothers’ ideas about persuasion.  Aren’t you guilty of thinking people who hate change are just lazy?  I was totally guilty of this mindset before today, but Chip and Dan Heath have me convinced that what might look like laziness is really exhaustion.  Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard is one of the best books on persuasion I’ve ever read.  The Heath brothers use story and compelling, sticky evidence to prove their points about change.  Divided into thirds, the book first focuses on directing the rider (our rational minds).  Next, we learn how to motivate the elephant (our emotional minds).  Lastly, the Heath brothers teach us to shape the path – a technique that will overpower BOTH our rational and emotional minds, both our Riders and our Elephants.

Made to Stick was the first book written by Chip and Dan Heath.  After reading their second masterpiece, I am officially an adoring fan.  Their work applies to public speaking and presentation as well as leadership, persuasion, and, of course, success.  Though I checked both out from my local library, I just purchased both texts because I need these books in my library… and you do, too!


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