Inspiration: Clay Shirky on Why SOPA is a Bad Idea



Congress postponed SOPA and PIPA bills.  At the TED offices, Clay Shirky explains SOPA and PIPA and offers evidence as to why these bills are not good for the Internet.  Shirky knows what he’s talking about.  He studies “the effects of Internet on society,” writes books on the subject, and teaches university courses in New York on the subject (Source).

In this detailed and thorough TED Talk, Shirky explains the SOPA/PIPA mentality is that ” ‘you can’t share until you show us that you’re not sharing something we don’t like.’  Suddenly, the burden of the proof […] falls affirmatively on us […] and if it costs even a dime to police a user, that will crush a service with 100 million users” (Source). Shirky helps break down the bills in an effective, easy to understand fashion.

Learn more about SOPA here.


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