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Twitter provides me with a wealth of information on a daily basis, so I thought I’d start bookmarking each week’s most incredible news and articles.  This particular collection of good reads happens to be the first of 2012 and is all about transforming yourself and your brand in the new year.  Articles include 30 examples of amazing and effective business cards; Seth Godin’s advice on working in the recession; and 12 lessons for those of us who promote our brand through blogging.

In “30 Stunning Vintage and Retro Business Card Designs,” Artatm argues that since business cards have been around for 112 years, a vintage look makes your card and business look and feel fresh.  A retro business card also carves out a distinct identity for your brand (Source).  My favorites were Kirsten Wiren and the two makeup artists’ cards.  In 2012, make it your goal to reevaluate your brand as portrayed by your business card.  Does your current business card work?  What can you do to update your image?

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Seth Godin writes, “If you’re an average worker, you’re going straight to the bottom” (Source).  Godin is an American entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and marketing guru.  He says, “the current ‘recession is a forever recession’ because it’s the end of the industrial age, which also means the end of the average worker” (Source).  He covers more on this topic in Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?  Learn more about Godin’s philosophy on working in the new age here.  Think about what you can do this year to become a star at work.  Are you only doing the bare minimum – what is asked of you and nothing more?  If so, you must find ways to show your creativity and to start standing out; otherwise, you’ll be the first on the chopping block.

Tom Treanor of Right Mix Marketing gives his 12 tips for those of us who promote our brand through our blogs.  Where do these lessons come from?  Why, Maxim magazine, of course!  Read Treanor’s valuable and relevant article here.  Use 2012 as a fresh start for your blog, and apply Treanor’s 12 tips to best support your brand’s message.

What great articles have you read lately?


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