Superteachers: Design Thinking For Educators


Superteachers know how to think like a designer.  If you want to be a superteacher, Design Thinking for Educators is the place to begin.  Why?  Design thinking is also an important element in becoming a superteacher because superteachers are creative.

The website has a free resource called The Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators, a 94-page PDF that covers what design thinking is and the design process.  Though this website focuses specifically on K-12 education, I think these lessons can be applied to any classroom space.  The focus isn’t gimmicky.  This isn’t just another something else to add to the top of a teacher’s neverending to-do list.  Design-centered thinking is about reengineering a better educational system and inventing a better way of teaching our students so that they can be creative thinkers instead of robots.

With 3.5 million teachers in America, imagine the teaching and learning revolution that could take place if all 3.5 million people thought like designers!

To learn more about design-centered thinking, visit Chiara Ojeda’s Tweak Your Slides.  She taught me everything I know about thinking like a designer!


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