In The News… Links of the Week


Twitter provides me with a wealth of information on a daily basis, so I began bookmarking each week’s best news and articles.  This particular collection of good reads was the most insightful in a long time and even included two new posts by my favorite presentation experts: Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte.  Reynolds and Duarte’s articles analyze Hans Rosling and President Obama’s State of the Union respectively.  Two other tremendous reads are an analysis of this hilarious mockery of every presentation ever and a collection of over two dozen bloggers’ take on pubic speaking.

“10 Lessons Learned from ‘Every Presentation Ever'” by Presentation Advisors refers to this YouTube sensation.  Slideshare posted this list of lessons including “don’t read your slides” and “don’t use clip art… ever” as well as the lesson I feel is most important “your opening is crucial!”  What was your greatest takeaway from “Every Presentation Ever” ?  My advice is this: if you’re developing a presentation that is just like every other presentation in the world, you’re not doing your job effectively.  Your goal as a presenter is to connect with and engage your audience, and you cannot do either if you create just another boring presentation.  Learn to stand out by researching and reading tips from the master: Garr Reynolds…

… and speaking of the man himself, I’m always thrilled when Garr Reynolds writes a new blog post.  This week, Presentation Zen presented “Hans Rosling: The Jedi Master of Data Visualization.”  This post couldn’t have come at a better time, as I just wrote a blog post about the importance of data visualization (read it here).  Reynolds agrees; he says that Rosling “proves time and time again, that data are not dull—and when you are trying to change the world, there is no excuse for boring presentations” (Source).  As always, I stumbled upon something fascinating while reading Reynolds’ work: a documentary on Rosling.  I highly recommend!

Nicki Smith-Morgan Tweeted “27 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Public Speaking.”  Take the time to read each of these articles, especially if you are a budding presenter!  Alex Cequea suggests you “learn the story format,” and James Dabbagian emphasizes that your PowerPoint presentation should not be your speech.  What wisdom did you take from these 27 brilliant bloggers?

Last, Nancy Duarte analyzed President Obama’s State of the Union address in “What Is, and What Could Have Been.”  Even though Duarte is politically conservative, I felt she was unbiased overall when reviewing the President’s speech.  Using her sparkline, Duarte points out many strengths and weaknesses of the content of the speech and touches a little bit on his visual presentation.  I would have liked to see Duarte’s assessment of Obama’s delivery, however.  Dave Nguyen’s sketch alone makes this article worthwhile!

What great articles did you read this week?


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