Presentations That Stick



How can you avoid creating that death-by-bulletpoint presentation that everybody hates?  Made to Stick‘s Dan Heath gives three tips: 1) be simple, 2) show something, and 3) tease before you tell.  I love Heath’s tips in conjunction with Garr Reynolds’ advice.  In Presentation Zen, Reynolds emphasizes restraint, simplicity, and naturalness when designing visual presentations.

Heath explains that if your PowerPoint is overloaded with too many messages, your audience will remember nothing.  Simplicity is key for audience retention.  He says that a slide should be about communication – not decoration.  Presentations should be visual – like a demonstration.  Presentations should not be an entire speech typed out on slides.  Heath’s best point: “If you want to audience to value your message, you’ve got to get them curious about it” (Source).  The Heath brothers are so valuable in communication and presentation!  If you haven’t read Made to Stick and Switch, I highly recommend both books to help you create messages that are clear and engaging.


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