Review: Dan Roam and the SQVID


I recommend The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam for budding visual designers.  It is a basic, building block text to help you get from Point A (death-by-PowerPoint) to Point B (truly visual visual presentation).  For those of you are just starting the path to thinking like a designer, this book will help you make that leap.  For those of you who know and practice the philosophies of Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte, this text isn’t a must-read.  For example, if you read this blog and feel confused by my Design Tips of the Day, definitely pick up your copy of Roam’s book to start developing those visual thinking skills.


Of all reviews I read, I agreed with this one the most: “Like many books, Back of the Napkin seems to have begun with a brilliant very short concept that someone (correctly) thought would sell like hotcakes if padded out into a full-length book. The author really does present significant insights, but the irony is that they would have been best summarized literally on the back of a napkin, rather than dragging them out into full book form. So it reads like a 300-slide PowerPoint presentation advocating brevity” (Source).


One concept that I did love from Roam’s text was SQVID.  You can read about SQVID and peruse the ebook here.


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