In The News… Links of the Week


Twitter provides me with a wealth of information on a daily basis, so I began bookmarking each week’s best news and articles.  This particular collection of good reads includes a “best of 2011” duo as well as an analysis of a TED Talk.

Ethos3 Tweeted “MyFonts: Most Popular Fonts of 2011.”  Some are very wedding invitation, but I adore Calluna Sans, Cassia, and Code Pro.  My go-to font in 2011 was definitely Komika Axis.  Find it here.  I am madly in love with Komika Axis.  When is the last time you perused  What were your favorite fonts in 2011?

PublicWords Tweeted the “50 Best Business Blogs of 2011.”  Where in the world is Duarte’s blog?  Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen at 32?  Wow!  These are my two favorite business blogs of all time.  Also, I much prefer Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop to his blog.  Alltop collects “all the top stories” and is more of a collection of blogs and new, important stories.  I was happy to be introduced  to the elegant simplicity of :zenhabits.  The Practice of Leadership also created a strong first impression on me.  What was your favorite business blog of 2011?

Andrew Dlugan of Six Minutes wrote this amazing analysis of Dan Pink’s 2009 TED Talk.  First, watch Pink’s TED Talk on motivation here.  Next, read Dlugan’s detailed analysis here.  I love that Dlugan breaks down both delivery and content.  What great TED Talks have you been watching lately?


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