Superteachers: Liz Coleman’s Call to Reinvent Education



Calling all Superteachers!  Liz Coleman’s TED Talk is a must-watch.  She explains that liberal arts education should be cross-disciplinary.  She claims liberal arts education has come so far from its roots that it is now broken up into tiny segments “with the emphasis on the technical and the obscure” (Source).  Coleman has been the president of Bennington College for nearly three decades.  Her experience presiding over an all-female, private, prestigious liberal arts university makes her the ultimate authority.

Coleman says, “Our public education – once a model for the world – has become most noteworthy for its failures.  Mastery of basic skills and a bare minimum of cultural literacy eludes vast numbers of our students” (Source).  As an English Literature major for both undergrad and grad school, I completely agree.  My education was lacking in many areas, and I could have better understood texts with a study in history, biography, theory, philosophy, politics, leadership, psychology, and communication.

I love what Coleman says she’s done to revolutionize Bennington, and I think we superteachers can apply many of her practices to our own classrooms.

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