Presentation Secrets



In this Slideshare presentation, Alexei Kapterev explains the introduction to his book Presentation Secrets.  This text is definitely on my reading list, especially because Kapterev’s 17th slide hooked me.  He explains that “bad presenters share either of the 2 extremes: 1) it’s voodoo magic; you have to be born with it or 2) you can do it by following ‘3 simple rules'” (Source).  I am a firm believer that you are not BORN with the ability to present well, just as I don’t think you are born with the ability to be a charismatic speaker.  Check out the first blog of my month-long series on charisma here.  I also subscribe to the belief that presentations are hard work.  As Nancy Duarte explains in slide:ology, a good presentation requires 36-90 hours of preparation.

Have you read Presentation Secrets?  Please tell me your review!  Is it purchase worthy, or should I wait until my local library gets it?

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