The MadMen Guide to Thought Leadership



Since I first heard “thought leader,” I’ve been studying many definitions to come up with a more clear understanding of the term.  Mark Fidelman gives that definition in a language I can understand, and he does it with Mad Men style!

Fidelman is a businessman and thinker who operates Seek Omega, a site about social business strategy.  His 3-part strategy to being a thought leader include: 1) developing really, really creative content; 2) developing an emotional connection with an audience; and 3) sharing that content and that connection through appropriate channels.  I love that Fidelman’s idea of being a thought-leader is 100% audience-centered.  For example, even developing strong content is about asking what customers want (see slide 14).

Audience analysis is essential in presenting any information.  Nancy Duarte suggests using an Audience Needs Map before creating content to ensure your content will connect.  If you’re interested in being a thought-leader, this is a must-have tool!


Download and use your own copy of Duarte’s Audience Needs Map here.

What suggestions would you add for being a thought-leader?


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