PechaKucha Orlando: Volume 5


Today was speech day in class, and 18 students presented their PechaKucha presentations.  PK Presentation Day happily corresponded with PechaKucha Global Cities Week (February 20 through 26), and after a morning of successful PKs, I decided to attend Orlando’s PK Night… Volume 5.

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The presenters talked about wonderful things.  Everyone had a really strong idea to share.  However, some of the presenters needed help… a lot of help… in areas of delivery and visual presentation.  Quite a few speakers read their speech.  Quite a few speakers used PowerPoint templates and filled their slides full of bulletpoints.

PK Orlando is a wonderful idea.  I love the idea of getting together and sharing ideas, and I learned about a seventh grade superteacher, a food truck event organizer, a father-and-son duo’s passion for creating, a traveling photographer’s guide to taking photos, and a businessman with a great weekend venture: Startup Weekend Orlando.

Though all of the ideas shared were wonderful, I think a little additional training would be helpful to ensure the quality of each presentation.  Perhaps, as they do for TED presenters, each PK Orlando speaker could receive a goodie bag with three presentation essentials: The Naked Presenter by Garr Reynolds for delivery as well as slide:ology by Nancy Duarte and Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds for visual design.  These texts push presenters from good to unforgettable.

Also, of course, Chiara Ojeda and I would be happy to volunteer our delivery and visual design services for the greater good of PK Orlando…

Happy PechaKucha Global Cities Week!


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