My Exciting Leadership News!


For the past six weeks, I’ve been bursting at the seams to share some really amazing news with everyone in my life.  Tonight is finally the night!  I volunteer with the Junior League here in my local community, and tonight, our 2012-2013 Board of Directors was announced at our General Membership Meeting.

I was appointed by next year’s President to be President’s Pick!

Though I’ve only been in the League since January, 2010, I’ve worked really hard and enjoyed both of my placements as Chair of Special Events and Chair of Public Relations.  It is still an absolute jaw-dropping honor to be appointed for this position, and I am thrilled to support our President and to work with all of the wonderful women on next year’s Board.

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My focus will be improving teaching and training, so I will work to promote effective communication and presentation techniques in our amazing organization.  My first goal will be to improve delivery and visual presentation in our meetings as much as I possibly can.  We need a little revolution from the old ways of speaking to make our organization’s communication as impacting as possible.  I cannot wait to begin this journey!


One thought on “My Exciting Leadership News!

  1. ClassyAudge

    Congratulations Alex!! You deserve every bit of it, I learned so much from you guys I wish I had more than one class you with you! Can’t wait to see more awesomeness from you.

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