Qualities of Effective Presenters


Chiara Ojeda developed an amazing activity that I did today with my March class.  Qualities of effective presenters is all about getting a class to decide, together, what ten qualities a great speaker embodies.

First, we ask each student to think of a great presenter.  Next, we ask the student to think of three characteristics of that speaker.  After writing all of these names and qualities on the white board, we create a Wordle of all of those qualities.  Sometimes, the Wordle is huge, and sometimes it is small depending upon the size of the class.  Once the Wordle is created, we develop, as a class, a list of TEN qualities of effective presenters.  We make a goal to try as hard as we can to embody these ten qualities at all time all month.

Here was this afternoon’s ten qualities:

What ten qualities do you think an effective presenter must have?


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