7 Deadly Sins of Visual Design Preview


My fellow superteacher Chiara Ojeda and I made a pact to push outside of our comfort zones in the next few months.  A superteacher is always willing to take a chance in order to learn, try, and teach something new!  Chiara will be teaching the Delivery Workshop next month (my personal favorite leg of the presentation stool), and tomorrow, I will be teaching the Visual Design Workshop (her area of expertise).

I’ve spent at least 20 hours so far building this brand new workshop for my students, and we’re learning about visual design with a 7 deadly sins theme.  We’re going to “start with why” a la Simon Sinek and discuss the old and new models of creating slideshows.  Next, we’ll move into the 7 Deadly Sins of Visual Design lecture.  Last, we’ll go through a “How To” tutorial for a few important visual design basics: how to use Compfight and DaFont, how to put multimedia into a slide, how to use “shapes” and “alpha” and “adjust,” and many other goodies.

I’ll be doing a full write up on each of the deadly sins for a 7-part Design Tip of the Day series coming soon.

What are your visual design no-nos?


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