Inspiration: Andrew Stanton’s Clues to a Great Story


Storyteller and filmmaker Andrew Stanton gives TED2012 audiences the clues to a great story.  (Beware: Stanton uses the f-word in his intro, so turn the volume down if you’re at work…)


Story is essential in public speaking and presentation.  Story is so powerful that it connects audiences – by design.  Stanton gives us a few keys for storytelling: make the audience care; give the audience a promise that the story will lead somewhere great; hide the fact that you’re making the audience ‘work for their meal’ (he gives a tremendous example from WALL-E); story construction with real conflict and anticipation; a strong theme running through the entire story; and an idea that evokes a feeling of wonder.  Most importantly, Stanton says, is that a story should be what you truly know deep in your core.

Do you incorporate story in your presentations?


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