My Exciting Education News!


This morning, I got the amazing news that I was accepted into the University of Central Florida Master of Arts degree program for Interpersonal Communication! The Nicholson School of Communication seems like a wonderful place to learn, and the curriculum makes me so excited and ready to get back in the classroom.  I am anxious to meet with the Program Coordinator in the upcoming months to discuss my options and to see what classes I should be taking.  I start in the Fall of 2012.  Wish me luck!

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I currently have a M.A. in English and a job in an English Department.  When there was a sudden opening and a need, I was offered a position in our English Department teaching Public Speaking, and from there, I transitioned to teaching Professional Communication and Presentation.  Even though I’ve spend thousands of hours personally studying, reading, and writing about public speaking and presentation over the last two years, I realized that if I ever want to be taken seriously in the field of education, I need a degree in this area.

It’s funny because my initial major in college was Communications.  After high school, I earned an A.A. in Communications from Chipola College before transferring to the University of Florida.  Since I had such a wonderful experience with literature courses at Chipola, I decided I wanted to earn a B.A. in English to keep studying and analyzing works of fiction and nonfiction.  I went on to get that M.A. in English because I wanted to teach English at the college level.  However, when I got the opportunity to teach Public Speaking, I realized this is my calling.  I really, really, really love it.  The funny part is that my initial instincts at age 18 were true, but it took me 10 years to realize it.

I do still love teaching English, but my favorite part about English is the reading, the beautiful literature, and the analysis.  I haven’t done much of that teaching English Composition, which is obviously more about the writing process.  Eventually, I’d love to get back to teaching Literature alongside Public Speaking.  One step at a time…


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