Nancy Duarte’s Diagrammer


On Tuesday, I received an email from Natasha over at Duarte Designs.  It read:

“I’m writing to you regarding the upcoming release of, a new project from Duarte Design, the presentations communications agency responsible for many of the best-known presentations of recent years, including Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, and many TEDTalks and business presentations for Fortune 500 companies.

After 20 years designing presentations, the Duarte team studied and identified the most common, universal mistakes that result in weak presentation slides, and during the last two years have been at work developing, an online store and resource that stocks more than 4,000 slide diagrams taken from the sketchbooks of Duarte Inc.’s designers. will launch tomorrow, Wednesday, March 14, and will allow anyone to find, purchase (for under a dollar) and use diagrams that convey variations on key concepts and messages commonly used in presentations and talks.”

Here’s a short video on Diagrammer:


Diagrammer is definitely a great resource for budding presentation designers and business professionals.  For those who know how to use it, the “shapes” tool in Keynote works just fine for creating some of these diagrams, but for those who are working to develop our design skills, each diagram is only $0.99!  Duarte Designs is such an amazing company at the forefront of public speaking and presentation design, and I think Nancy Duarte is a genius, so I am a huge fan and supporter of all of the company’s products.

Have you tried Diagrammer yet?


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