Design Inspiration: My Work Space


Since childhood, I’ve always been a Type-A personality.  This means that, yes, I am rigidly organized, controlling, super ambitious, impatient, achievement-oriented, and, unfortunately, a little bit arrogant.  I’m also a workaholic.  Today, Sunday, I am in the office with my fellow workaholic, Chiara Ojeda, and I thought I’d share with all of you my design inspiration while I’m at work: my cubicle.

My favorite pieces are the large Charles S. Anderson “Good Grades” poster behind my monitor (buy it here); the Alexander McQueen postcards from the Savage Beauty exhibit courtesy of friends Mark and Josh; and my little frou frou miniature shoe collection displayed in front of a plaque with a “quote” from Cinderella: “One shoe can change your life.”

You’ll also find touches from my favorite presentation designers: my heavily highlighted copy of Nancy Duarte’s slide:ology; my DVD of Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen; and David McCandless’s “What Makes Good Information Design?” infographic.

What inspires you while you’re at work?


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